Sunday, April 1, 2012

Transitions and doors.

I've said in previous posts how Michael has issues with doors. I don't think people truly understand what I'm talking about so I decided to capture one instance on video. Each time varies slightly, obviously, but this is a pretty good idea of what we go through. He was completely fine until the transition of game to getting in the door to brush his teeth, which took an entire 12 minutes. If you want to skip to the end, you'll see how quickly he gets over it once his brain catches up with the transition. He goes from completely melting down, to perfectly fine in seconds. THIS is why when the stupid man at the pizza joint told me to go outside, that I basically told him to kick rocks.


  1. Wow.. that is amazing how he is just done in a split second! Poor sweetie. And Lindsay.. you must have the patients of a saint! I am wondering though, why it's not okay to carry him in the bathroom while he is crying and brush his teeth while he is crying and then be done with it all in less than 12 minutes? It seems if he is doing to be crying anyway that moving things along wouldn't be a bad idea. I don't know a lot about Autism and maybe you get this question a lot. I am, however, not trying to be like the pizza guy :) Just wondering why it's better to do it this way. <3 Oh, and he sure is cute!

    1. This is a tough one for me daily. I struggle with letting him figure it out on his own and forcing him to do it. If I would have forced him, he could have likely had a meltdown that was much more violent and lasted longer than this one. Or he might have gotten over it quickly. It's really a crapshoot and you never know what it will end up like. I like to try and let him figure it out on his own, because most of the frustration comes from him not being able to complete a task on his own.