Sunday, June 10, 2012

I need to mark this day in history. :)

Michael said his first "why" question today!! I still have never received a response when asking him a why question, but today he asked one to me! We were watching Pingu, which is a claymation of this little penguin. They don't talk at all so it's actually really great to help him understand nonverbal language. He turned to me and said "Mama, why are they hiding?" It took me a second to process what just happened and then my heart jumped with joy! :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dear Autism,


Screw you for breaking my heart when I see my son so frustrated
Screw you for making me want to lose my mind hearing hours of endless screaming
Screw you for the thousands of dollars I have to spend to try and make life easier for my son
Screw you for making me come to the end of my rope every single day

Screw you for making every last little thing SO.DAMN.HARD!

I'm exhausted!

I almost broke down today in a parking lot because of you, Autism. As my son sat there screaming his head off because of some ritual he was not able to complete, I looked over at the field full of children playing normally. I hate being hit in the face with you like that. I hate that my son has to be so upset over things that he shouldn't be stressing about. I just want things to be normal. I'm tired. He's tired. We're all freaking tired of it.  :(